Reading List: The Tipping Point in Sustainable Finance

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With so many exciting new developments happening at the intersection of finance and sustainability, we follow the path of sustainable finance growth through a curated a list recent reports, articles and books.

More than $1 in $4 of professionally managed assets have sustainability mandates, making up a total of nearly $22.9 trillion. In October, BlackRock unveiled seven sustainable core exchange-traded funds as well as an analytics tool for ESG-oriented portfolios. This unveiling was coupled with an announcement that BlackRock thinks sustainable investing is at a “tipping point” and projects massive growth in ESG ETFs in the next decade. A Financial Times piece argues that sustainable finance is the answer to addressing sustainability challenges by helping both governments and businesses transition to a greener economy.  But this growth is not without growing pains – Sasja Beslik, Head of Sustainable Finance at Nordea Bank, notes that the sector requires more transparency, and bolder, more outward looking leadership.

From the mainstreaming of ESG ratings and how sustainable finance is making a business case, to trends and the future outlook, here is what we have been reading:

Mainstreaming of ESG Ratings

Making the Business Case

Looking to the Future

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Erika Petroy

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