Letter From The Editor

Welcome to the all new Radar! Our quarterly magazine is now online, delivered direct to your browser and accessible on all devices. Our continuing commitment to ensure that as many as possible can access the best of our research and thinking, insights from our clients and network and much more.

In SustainAbility’s 30th year we are pleased to shine the spotlight, in our latest Radar, on the food sector. In 1987 our co-founders John Elkington and Julia Hailes wrote the hugely successful Green Consumer Guide that encouraged the purchase of food and other products that were better for the environment.

Many of our long-standing and biggest clients are food and beverage multinationals. From Nestlé to Starbucks and Coca-Cola we have been helping companies make sense of food system challenges and supporting their efforts to increase the scale and pace of change across the value chain from farm to fork.

Civil society organisations have been working tirelessly to improve the way that we produce and eat. Ensuring better working conditions for farmers and workers through to reducing the amount of food waste in production and in our homes.

But, there is much still to be done. As one interviewee in Radar observed, “The case is made. We know what is going wrong. I invite everyone to take the lead”.

Whether its as citizens purchasing food, start-ups disrupting the system or multinationals scaling their sustainability efforts, we need to all take the lead towards a food system where every person on Earth eats in a way that sustains—and improves—his or her own individual health and wellbeing, the health of the environment in which it is produced, and the livelihoods of those who grow it.

We hope you enjoy the latest issue. We would love to hear your feedback on both content and format.

Frances Buckingham


SustainAbility Associate, Editor of Radar, interested in how business can use its influence to bring about social change.